The Key Steps to the Bail Bond Process

25 February 2020
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Once you are in jail, there is usually only one way out — paying bail. If you have the cash, use it to pay the fee. If you do not have the cash, call a bail bondsman. Once you are out you can access what next steps to take. Here are the main steps that will take place after you make this call.

You Must Supply Your Information

Step one is calling a bail bond agent to initiate the request for help. During this phone call, you will have to supply all your information to the agency. This includes basic information about yourself as well as information about the jail you are in. If someone is calling the agency on your behalf, make sure they have all the necessary details, as the agency will need these details to make a decision about bailing you out. If the agency decides to pay the bail, they will use the information they've been given so make sure it is correct. 

The Agency Will Determine How to Respond

Once the agency has the information needed, they will do some research. They will want to know more about the person's criminal record and history with breaking the law. It is easier for a bail bond agent to agree to bail a person out when the person is facing a first criminal charge rather than when a person has a long history of criminal activity.

The Agency Will Call or Visit the Jail on Your Behalf

If the agent agrees to bail you out, you will have to pay a fee to the agent before they complete the deal. After you pay this fee, the agent will either call the jail or visit the jail to work out the details of the release. The agent will sign the paperwork needed at the jail, and this paperwork will cause the court to release the bail bond back to the agency that paid it when the time comes.

You Will Be Released

The last step of the process is when the jailer comes to your cell to release you. Once this occurs, you will need to follow through with any conditions set forth by the bail bond agent or the court.

The entire process might take a few hours to complete, or longer. It just depends on the circumstances of the situation, but this is generally the fastest way to get out of jail. Call a bail bonds agency today if you need help with your charges or with getting out of jail.